Austin trip and review!


Austin is a fantastic city full of really great bars (aka 90% of the trip) and really good food. This is not an in-depth review or anything of the sort, more a commentary on what we did there. 🙂 The dates we were in town were the 2nd to the 8th, along with 10,000 other Red vs Blue fans, which was fantastic. I made a ton of friends and had a blast. 

Picture heavy!



The crew, some old, some new. Myself on the far left. 



If you didn’t know ,they close off 6th street at night, so it’s a ton of drunk people wandering around. This is the view from Buffalo Billiards’ upper deck. I recommend it for hanging out.

ImageRecess – a barcade! Giant Jenga, Area 51, and absurdly expensive but very good drinks. The music was a little too loud, but it was fantastic either way.


 Shakespeare’s Pub. SUPER CHEAP DRINKS, fantastic upper seating for hanging out with huge fans and a mister. 



The Kasbah Hookah Lounge. Super nice staff, great hookah with a neat setup. 












Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar. Great show, amazing people, fantastic beers. Image


I got no good pictures of Iron Cactus, which infuriates me, but holy shit I cannot recommend this place enough. Exceedingly polite and wonderful staff, endless delicious chips and salsa, amazing, huge meals. 


B.D. Riley’s Irish Pub – great live music most of the time, decent food. The steak is…weird, there, though, like it’s winco steak that’s kind of chewy and weird. Not bad, overall, however. 




Worst picture ever with shitty lighting, but this is from Old School Bar and Grill. Overall, very mediocre food. Not sure why – the burger had absolutely no seasoning, minimal cheese and overall was very bland with a soggy bun. Wouldn’t recommend, sadly. 


Let’s talk about Old Pecan Street Cafe. About their lovely waiters and waitresses who were exceedingly polite, about their delicious food that’s affordable, and the fact you can order amazing mojitos at 11 AM and no one will judge you. 🙂  Overall, fantastic place. They have a vanilla bourbon sauce for pancakes that’s amazing. 


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