Honey Toast Cafe Review


So, since Amazon Local had a deal, I got 16 bucks to spend at this new place called Honey Toast Cafe. What it is, is caramelized toast, with a ton of awesome stuff on top. They also had a few other sides and meals that were small, but clearly that monster of sugar and ice cream was the main treat.

So, the pros:

* Nothing I had was bad. I’m a picky eater, but everything was beyond delicious. The steak was perfect, there was spicy mayo – messy, but fun to eat.
* Fun, cute atmosphere. Very nice design inside.
* Variety – lots of choices for those picky eaters.

* Not large enough for the amount of people there. As in, people were constantly crammed in there and I get it’s a Saturday night, but wow.
* New restaurant, means new staff. All of them nice, but it took a long time to get seated without being acknowledged, then we were seated, and after 20 minutes, I had to get up to ask for menus. Again, we weren’t acknowledged after that. 20 more minutes to get our appetizers, then 10 for the drinks, and then the main course arrived. During no point were we checked in on, or were we given status updates. Silverware and everything else had to be asked for, the check had to be asked for multiple times.

This, however, does not break the restaurant – they were insanely, insanely busy. If you go and it’s that busy, give them a chance – we still tipped well, but it was a little disheartening to see so many people waiting for not enough waiters and waitresses. More people were necessary.

Overall, though, well worth any money spent, and delicious.


What we got:

2013-02-23 19.44.06


Fried Green Beans.

2013-02-23 20.10.03

Chocolate banana honey toast.

2013-02-23 19.52.12

Beef sandwich kabob.

2013-02-23 19.44.16


Salt and pepper chicken.


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