I am a pretty big tea drinker normally, but haven’t been to Teavana in a while, which is my normal stop for drinking tea. That being said, the reason why is this little thing: 


This tea, without a doubt, is probably my favorite all-purpose tea. Need something that doesn’t require any effort to make (ex: timing your tea to see how long until it’s steeped)? Need something that doesn’t need sugar or milk? Need something that’s pretty decently cheap and smells amazing?

This tea. 

It’s so good, holy shit, my roomie and I have been buying 2-3 at a time when we hit Fred Meyer’s or Winco or whatever else, since they’re usually about 2.50 a pop for like 18 bags. They’re delicious, just sweet enough, don’t require sugar or milk and I say this being someone who always– ALWAYS has sugar and milk okay. 

I highly recommend that if you ever have a chance to try it, it’s the nectar of the gods.



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