Steak au Poivre


Recently – like two weeks ago, I discovered Steak au Poivre, through using StumbleUpon. This is the recipe I’ve adapted/changed a little bit to fit our household, but hot damn, I’d propose to this guy if I knew him (and, y’know, if he wasn’t a dude.) 

I won’t rehash it all out for you since it’s pretty well done on his side, but the changes I made are: 

– I use a cast iron pan, since I don’t have one that isn’t non-stick. 


– I use a little more than 1/3 cup of cognac. 

– I added sliced crimini mushrooms (8 oz)  at the part where you add the cream


– I also added rosemary and thyme since I have obscene amounts of it, and then a teaspoon of pepper as well. 


I make sure they’re a little more rare since I added them back to the pan when I added the cream and mushrooms.


MESSY. I can’t do this without splattering yet, but it’s easy enough to clean. Scrape the bottom of your pan once you add the cognac, it’s amazing.


Dump the herbs on top after you’ve added the mushrooms and stir for about 8 minutes or so on medium heat. The cream will boil, and the steak will get a little more done, and the mushrooms will be perfect.

ImageThe end result, is this. I made it with garlic mashed potatoes, and fresh bread, and it’s amazing ’cause you can mop up all the sauce from the steak with the potatoes and bread. SO GOOD. 

I seriously recommend this as a pretty easy meal to wow people. 



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