Egg and Goat Cheese Bread Boats


Unsurprisingly, this is Thor’s favorite food, even if he’s never had it.

Yeah, I bet anyone else can think of a better name for these guys, but hey.  I suck at eating breakfast in the morning unless it’s cereal poured into a plastic baggie I take to work. (No milk, either. Yeah, really.) But a few years back I stumbled upon a recipe for egg and cheese baked in bread rolls and I’ve spent the last few years tossing different things into it to see how it goes. I did a mix where I sliced steak up after it was cooked, and tossed that with the egg to bake. (SPOILERS: just as awesome as it sounds, yeah.) This is the only way I’ll eat eggs – I don’t like ’em on their own.

This time around is the simple one – took about 10 minutes from start to finish and you can just toss one in a bag before work and microwave it. So easy!


4 bread rolls – large enough to hold an egg.
A pinch of salt and pepper.
1 sprig of rosemary
1 sprig of thyme
8oz of goat cheese (I used garlic and herb for this go around, though plain works too.)
4 eggs

Time – 10-15 minutes prep + 35 mins cooking if you want your eggs solid, 25 if you want them a little runny. Adjust as you go with this – I checked every 10 minutes ’cause our oven is ridiculous and runs hot, so check and see on yours by poking a knife into the eggs to check the consistency.

Preheat your oven to 325 degrees.

Take your bread and cut circles into the tops of them – don’t cut too wide, or your eggs will spill out.


Using your fingers or a spoon, scrape along the sides of the bowl and get them clear of as much bread as you can without making it so thin that stuff will ooze through it. This’ll vary from roll to roll.



This cookie pan looks horrific, sobs.

Sprinkle salt and pepper into the bottom of each bread basket – I tend to like mine with a little more spice and salt.


Take your herbs – basil is a good one too, if you have it, and dice them small enough you won’t be chewing them, and then divide into two piles.



I’d dice a little more than this, but this is about right.

Sprinkle some of the first pile into each of the bowls until you’re all out of the first pile. Once that’s done, take your goat cheese, and halve it. Stick the first half in a bowl – I used a tiny glass one, and microwave on high for about 15 seconds. Each microwave will vary, so I’d err on the side of less, watching it carefully. You want it to be creamy but not liquid.


For someone lactose intolerant, I cook with a lot of cheese. 😐

Take a wide knife or a spatula and spread the half you just microwaved along the inside of each of the bread bowls, and the bottom. Doesn’t need to be neat or pretty.


Doesn’t need to be and uh, won’t.

With that done, take your eggs, and crack them along the middle, cracking one egg into each of the bowls. With these ones, I could have done two eggs easily, since there was a hefty amount of room left. I opted not to, but it’s just as good with two.


Now, remember the herbs and the other half of the goat cheese you have left? Microwave the cheese again, and mix the herbs in with it, or sprinkle on top. I opted for the latter.


With that done, you may or may not have the goat cheese covering the eggs – I didn’t, because the bread I got was so large.  Toss them in the oven for your choice of how long and then when they’re done:



I let mine cool down and then toss ’em in the fridge for breakfast tomorrow!


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