Turkey Noodle Soup


Hiku made us suspicious blue drinks. Had to use our Blue Curacao somehow!


For Thanksgiving, Butters and I had some friends over and proceeded to eat ourselves silly with ridiculous things, like spreadable cheese and crackers and creative drinks that were usually blue. We ended up with a 24 lb turkey that we really didn’t need, considering, you know, four people, but instead I ended up saving the turkey we didn’t eat (aka most of it) and freezing it. It’s lasted us til now, the end of Jan, and there’s still a little more left. I haven’t been too creative with it, but it’s been kind of nice, since it’s an easy meal!  If you’re a fan of turkey and chicken noodle soup, it’s a really easy meal to make.

What you need:

Turkey (I used frozen, and about a pound or so of it. This was turkey with the skin still on it, and it was stuffed with rosemary, and thyme, and basted in butter.)
Rosemary – 2 sprigs
Thyme – 4 sprigs
Scallions – 2 whole ones
Salt – 1 teaspoon, to taste
Pepper – 1 tablespoon black ground pepper
Garlic – 2 whole cloves, diced into tiny pieces
Chicken bouillon cubes – 1 cube
Olive oil or butter –  3 tablespoons
Water – 6 cups
Egg noodles – 8 oz.

Estimated time:  20 minutes prep, 2 hours of cooking

It should be noted that I did all of this with fresh herbs, since we ended up doing a Trader Joe’s run just before so I had fresh stuff. You can do it with dried, it’s just not as good, I think.

ANYWAY, so I diced up all of the herbs, the garlic, the scallions together until it was very, very fine – you don’t want bits and pieces sticking in your teeth/don’t want to chew it, augh. I messed up on some of the rosemary, sadly, and had too big of slices, so dice dice dice. Dump all of that into a big pot, and toss in either your butter or your olive oil, and turn it on medium.

Stir together until your garlic starts to get brown – I like essentially roasting it until it’s dark brown, which took about 10 minutes on low to medium heat. You’ll see a definite color change in the garlic to a darker brown.

Add your salt and pepper, and your bouillon cube and add a little more butter or olive oil if it’s not quite wet enough to help dissolve it. The cube ought to dissolve as you’re mixing everything around in it, which looks kind of gross, but it’s not, really!

Add water, stirring each cup you add, until it’s all added and once it’s boiling, dump in your turkey. If you didn’t cut your turkey when you first froze it, you’ll have to fish it out at the end and cut it – I had to do that, but if you thought ahead, you’re all set.

Once it’s all added (except the noodles!), you simply let it boil on medium heat, so there’s visible boiling but it’s not in danger of boiling over.  I let ours go for about 2 hours, and about 10 minutes before we were set to eat, I added the noodles.  This makes a pretty hefty amount – I halved it before I added the noodles, and froze one half, and added only 4oz of noodles to it, along with some extra water. If you do that, it makes about 3-4 meals, with decent helpings, and you end up having to add more water. I personally like it, because it means I have the broth in the freezer and it’s food I can quick make later!

If you’re going to go through and remake it, just dump water into a pot, and then the frozen contents of your old soup. I let it boil off until it’s about equal to what I started with or until what I added is about gone, and then add the noodles again and it works just fine.

When it’s all done: SoooooooooupMore soup!It goes even better with really good, hard, crusty bread. You can add veggies if you like – it just so happens Butters and I are 12 and hate them, so ours goes without!


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