First Post!


First posts are always so weird. I’m never sure what to talk about or what to do, so we’ll go with the basics.

What to expect: Cooking-like things. I tend to cook every night for my roomie and I- soon to be three of us, so I love doing cooking things and trying new things out. Every so often I bake, though with the way I cook, it’s usually safer I don’t bake, considering my mentality is “it says a teaspoon, so a teaspoonish is good, yeah?”  Probably some vaguely nerdy stuff as well. I’ll also post food from restaurants we go to, as I love eating at new places. 🙂 I’ll include names and such – if you’re in the Portland area, it may help!

Who: Making the rounds in being mentioned and in photos will be:

Myself: Sarah, 23, currently knee-deep in Halo 4 and Mass Effect 2.  I’m incapable of taking serious pictures of myself.


Butters, 20-something, currently having to be my test subject when I make things.

Allison, almost 4, the cat that decides she loves you when it’s convenient for her.

Thor, 2, the dog that doesn’t realize he can’t eat everything even if he really wants to.

We frequently dress them up in ridiculous outfits as Butters is secretly married to all sharks.


I make things up as I go along with cooking, and I’m not the best at it so I welcome any and all tips, tricks, suggestions and advice. 🙂


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