Steak au Poivre


Recently – like two weeks ago, I discovered Steak au Poivre, through using StumbleUpon. This is the recipe I’ve adapted/changed a little bit to fit our household, but hot damn, I’d propose to this guy if I knew him (and, y’know, if he wasn’t a dude.) 

I won’t rehash it all out for you since it’s pretty well done on his side, but the changes I made are: 

– I use a cast iron pan, since I don’t have one that isn’t non-stick. 

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Egg and Goat Cheese Bread Boats


Unsurprisingly, this is Thor’s favorite food, even if he’s never had it.

Yeah, I bet anyone else can think of a better name for these guys, but hey.  I suck at eating breakfast in the morning unless it’s cereal poured into a plastic baggie I take to work. (No milk, either. Yeah, really.) But a few years back I stumbled upon a recipe for egg and cheese baked in bread rolls and I’ve spent the last few years tossing different things into it to see how it goes. I did a mix where I sliced steak up after it was cooked, and tossed that with the egg to bake. (SPOILERS: just as awesome as it sounds, yeah.) This is the only way I’ll eat eggs – I don’t like ’em on their own.

This time around is the simple one – took about 10 minutes from start to finish and you can just toss one in a bag before work and microwave it. So easy!

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